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Five Habits of a Successful Hotelier

Whether you’ve been running a hotel for decades or are brand new to the game, reflecting on your practices as a hotelier is always a valuable exercise. Nobody’s perfect, but taking the time to consider your methods and improve where you can points you in that direction. Curious if you’re doing everything in your power to make your lodging operation prosper? Read on to discover five habits of a successful hotelier.

Focuses on Communication
Hospitality is an industry about serving people, which makes communication especially important. However, it’s not only about being professional and engaging with your guests but also being approachable with your employees. A hotel staff is a team, so everyone is (and should feel) valuable. Great hoteliers have safe, open lines of communication with their employees, offer regular feedback, and involve staff in decision-making. A healthy company culture—or lack thereof—directly affects your guest experience. Grumpy, miserable employees do not make great hosts.

Knows Their Customers
They do this with the help of a powerful PMS or CRM, in which customers’ interests and preferences can be recorded in guest profiles to surprise and delight. Is a guest consistently traveling for business? Offer recommendations for comfortable workspaces. Is a customer’s birthday coming up? Send them a discount at your restaurant to celebrate. Personalized experiences make guests feel appreciated and go a long way toward nurturing loyalty.

Assesses the Competition
Lodging operators have a lot of competition, but successful hoteliers see this as an opportunity to make their accommodation the best! Establish a routine of checking competitors’ websites, social media platforms, and physical property. What are they doing well? Where could they improve? Noticing patterns across successful operations (or similarities between unsuccessful ones for that matter) offers critical insights that can prove beneficial to your business.

Keeps Their Head in the Game
Even when their property is running smoothly, great hoteliers don’t get complacent. Hospitality is an ever-changing arena, and it isn’t good enough to play defense. Read articles and network with other professionals to stay on top of new trends, changes in the market, and emerging technology. It’s important to set long-term goals and construct a step-by-step action plan to realize them. The most successful people (and businesses) are never satisfied merely resting on their laurels.

Recognizes the Role of Technology
Technology can do a lot for your property, and a good hotelier embraces that. Property management systems, guest engagement platforms, and revenue management software are only a few examples of automated solutions available to streamline operations and maximize revenue.

Start by asking your current tech providers if they can provide what you want. They may offer applicable features or integrations you don’t know about, which would save you the hassle of seeking something new.